Calendar Reminders — Never Miss a Loan Due Date Again!

We’re announcing calendar reminders to help you with repaying your loans on time.
2 min readSep 8, 2022

Calendar reminders are a new feature that allows you to add calendar notifications for an active loan due date and time to your personal calendar. We have integrated the majority of the most popular calendar clients (Google Calendar, Apple, iCal, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Team,, and Yahoo).

The calendar reminder will automatically be set to one hour before the loan is due, and we recommend using this feature to reduce the risk of forgetting to repay your loan on time, thus avoiding defaults and losing your NFT.

How to set up calendar reminders?

On the asset page with an active loan, click the “Add to my calendar” button, as shown below.

Select the calendar of your choice and add the notification to your calendar. And that’s it. You’ll get notified on time! To see the process in action, play the video below.

If for any reason, you still miss the notification and forget to repay your loan on time, you can now try loan renegotiation with the lender (before they foreclose). To learn more, read our previous announcement.

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