NFTfi in 2022: onwards and upwards
3 min readDec 17, 2021


2021 has been an absolutely incredible year for the NFT space, and it has been for NFTfi as well.

The monthly loan volume on our platform has grown more than 100x since January, we have expanded our team from 3 in January to currently 15, and in November we announced our Series A funding, which will give us plenty of runway and has attracted some of the most competent Web 3 investors and NFT stakeholders across NFTfi’s current and future target verticals.

In a nutshell, we’re amped and have a great product, exciting talent, and a solid capital buffer to pursue our vision. In this post we discuss that vision and some of our upcoming milestones.

The Advent of NFT Finance

The NFT space is currently witnessing the advent of NFT Finance (watch out for our upcoming article series!) and we believe that NFT financial products and services will quickly become an obvious and critical sub-vertical of Decentralized Finance.

Our mission (why we jump out of bed every morning with a big smile on our faces) is to help ensure that NFT holders, especially the newly empowered NFT artists and creators driving the 21st Century Renaissance, can unlock the value of their assets via permissionless, high quality financial products and services.

Our vision (how we see NFTfi’s future) is to build a fully decentralized, permissionless, user-owned NFT Finance utility, supporting NFT-based economies across various verticals through highly user-friendly applications.

So what’s next on that journey?

NFTfi protocol V2 (Q2 2022)

Just around the corner is NFTfi V2, which we’ve been working on for most of 2021. While the current V1 is fairly simple, V2 is a highly modular family of several smart contracts, effectively morphing NFTfi from a loan protocol into a very flexible “NFT financial agreement protocol” with application potential way beyond loans.

V2 is focused on improving the loan product and includes several often requested features as well as a few cool surprises we think users will enjoy very much. Selected things we’re excited about include:

  • Loans against ERC1155 NFTs: Finally here, thanks for your patience.
  • Loans against ERC998 NFT bundles: Take out a loan against your collection of NFTs.
  • Unlimited duration loans: Taking the foot off the brakes vs. V1.
  • Pro-rata loans: Current NFTfi loans have fixed repayment amounts. As a first new loan type we introduce pro-rata loans, enabling early repayments at interest amounts proportional to the effective loan duration.
  • Loan extensions and renegotiations: Before and after loan expiry. One of the most requested features.
  • Listings with binding terms: Allows Borrowers to create Listings with “minimum viable terms” that can be automatically accepted by lenders.
  • Loan Obligation Receipts: In V1, lenders receive Promissory Note NFTs as a tangible representation of their loan. In V2, Borrowers also receive an NFT called an “Obligation Receipt”.

Pioneer NFT Finance with us (right now)

We are building an amazing, super supportive Discord community and there has never been a more exciting time to get involved. So jump in!

  • If you possess high-quality NFTs and seek short- or long-term liquidity: connect with our friendly community of liquidity providers, and rake in a few offers? No-regret move.
  • If you have excess liquidity and good knowledge of specific NFT collections: why not browse loan requests in our #looking-for-loan channel? Or exchange with lenders to understand how to make smart loans offers?
  • If you’re building NFT infrastructure and are interested in the NFTfi API or a collaboration on other fronts, please reach out at with a detailed proposal.

Happy holidays NFTfi fam. The journey has only just begun.



A simple marketplace for NFT collateralized loans. Put your own NFTs up as collateral for a loan, or offer loans to other users on their non-fungible tokens.