NFTfi V2 Roll-out Started!

  • 0x8252Df1d8b29057d1Afe3062bf5a64D503152BC8
  • 0xaDDE73498902F61BfCB702e94C31c13C534879AC
  • 0x5A42d72372858E10Edc03B26bF449F78fF3c0e6F
  • 0x0C90C8B4aa8549656851964d5fB787F0e4F54082
  • 0x5660E206496808F7b5cDB8C56A696a96AE5E9b23
  • 0xe73ECe5988FfF33a012CEA8BB6Fd5B27679fC481
  • 0xE52Cec0E90115AbeB3304BaA36bc2655731f7934
  • 0x88341d1a8f672d2780c8dc725902aae72f143b0c (V1 Promissory Note)
  • 0xf896527c49b44aAb3Cf22aE356Fa3AF8E331F280 (deprecated)



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A simple marketplace for NFT collateralized loans. Put your own NFTs up as collateral for a loan, or offer loans to other users on their non-fungible tokens.