NFTfi V2 Roll-out Started!
2 min readApr 4, 2022


From loan to financial agreement protocol

We’re thrilled to announce that NFTfi V2 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet. We redirected the front-end today at 11:15 am SAST.

The relevant smart contract addresses are:

  • 0x8252Df1d8b29057d1Afe3062bf5a64D503152BC8
  • 0xaDDE73498902F61BfCB702e94C31c13C534879AC
  • 0x5A42d72372858E10Edc03B26bF449F78fF3c0e6F
  • 0x0C90C8B4aa8549656851964d5fB787F0e4F54082
  • 0x5660E206496808F7b5cDB8C56A696a96AE5E9b23
  • 0xe73ECe5988FfF33a012CEA8BB6Fd5B27679fC481
  • 0xE52Cec0E90115AbeB3304BaA36bc2655731f7934
  • 0x88341d1a8f672d2780c8dc725902aae72f143b0c (V1 Promissory Note)
  • 0xf896527c49b44aAb3Cf22aE356Fa3AF8E331F280 (deprecated)

NFTfi V2 is a significantly more powerful protocol than V1. Its modular system of smart contracts turns NFTfi into a highly flexible and scalable NFT financial agreement protocol with application potential way beyond loans. We are especially excited about the possibilities V2 opens up for NFT Finance protocol composability and collaboration.

The long-awaited V2 features will be UI-enabled one-by-one to manage risk.

Smart Contract Security

All core and periphery contracts have been double-audited by industry-leading firms. The audit reports can be found here (Chainsecurity) and here (Halborn).

Seamless V1/V2 transition

Any active loans initiated on NFTfi V1 (i.e. before 11:15am SAST today) will complete on NFTfi V1. Any asset listed on NFTfi V1 can still initiate a loan on the NFTfi V1 smart contract. Any asset listed on NFTfi V2 (i.e. after 11:15am SAST today) will run via the new NFTfi V2 smart contract system. Borrowers who listed their assets on NFTfi V1 but who want to use the V2 smart contracts incl. any of the upcoming V2 features, will need to re-list their assets.

What’s next

V2 is a huge step forward towards NFTfi’s ambitious vision: to build the leading NFT Finance public utility, supporting the seamless financialization of NFT-based economies through innovative mechanisms and highly user-friendly applications.

Besides the roll-out of all V2 features, our next big milestone is the NFTfi token economy, which will create powerful incentive-alignment of all NFTfi stakeholders, and kick off our progressive decentralization journey.

Join us!

We are building NFTfi in very close collaboration with some of the most talented lenders, borrowers and developers in the space. And we invite you to become part of our journey as well, and pioneer NFT Finance with us. Join our community call next Tuesday, 12th April, 5pm CET / 11am ET and/or apply for the NFTfi Ambassador Program.



A simple marketplace for NFT collateralized loans. Put your own NFTs up as collateral for a loan, or offer loans to other users on their non-fungible tokens.